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Introducing the All New Fluid Mosquito for 2022! 

The Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Portable Scooter With a 22 Mile Range!

Includes a ONE YEAR warranty

with US-based support & service

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Most Powerful Ultra-Portable Scooter Available Today!

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Includes a ONE YEAR warranty

with US-based support & service

Over 3,400 5-Star reviews!

"Fantastic & Fun 

Commuter Scooter"

"I love my commute to the office more than ever. The Scooter looks great, is ultra portable and is easy to carry when I get into the elevators at work. Performance is great and the machine does the speeds advertised. 

Ride is comfy on the NYC streets I’ve been riding on. People have asked me about the scooter and think it looks great. Performance and ride are good and the battery life has been as advertised. I’d recommend this scooter to anyone..."


David G. (New York, United States)

The Ultra-Portable Scooter

That Doesn’t Sacrifice Performance

fluid mosquito features

25 MPH 

out of the box

*Unlock the speed governor to cruise up to 28MPH.

22 Miles Per Charge

Easily handles your commute and back.

Just 29 pounds

Perfectly balanced one-handed carry; easily transports up and down stairs.

48 volt, 9.6 ampere hour battery

Offers incredible range for an ultra-portable scooter.

500 Watt Motor

With 700 watt peak output for incredible power.

Easily fits almost anywhere

Easily store at home, tuck away in closets, even the smallest trunks.

Over 3,400 5-Star reviews!

"Fantastic Ultra-Portable!"

"I’m super happy with [my fluid Mosquito]. I'm used to riding rental scooters, and this was my first entrance into owning a personal electric scooter.

…I was able to easily reach the advertised top speed of 25 mph. …I would say that overall the ride is still comfortable and beats out scooters without a suspension.  Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase…I think this is a great choice."


Christian C. (Illinois, United States)

Small footprint

Designed to go where you go!

Attached handle

Perfectly balanced for one hand.

Folds down in seconds

Perfect for trains, buses, up stairs & escalators.


Over 3,400 5-Star reviews!

"Lightweight and FAST!"

"As my very first electric scooter, I can honestly say that I am impressed. The scooter is fairly lightweight and fast. The brakes work pretty good as well. I mainly used the e-break and sometimes the drum break, but never the back break since I think that using the e-break and drum break combined is enough even for emergency stops. Overall, riding the scooter has been really fun and it is definitely a beginner friendly ultraportable escooter."


Jan C. (Virginia, United States)

No-Compromise Safety

Stay in control, stay safe.

  • 3 Brakes specially designed to handle the Mosquito’s max speed output

  • Electric Brake recharges your battery as you use it. Rear drum brake for instant stopping power, and rear fender brake for a more leisurely speed reduction

  • Super Bright LED Headlight + LED Taillight that lights up when you brake, making it safe for riding in traffic and when it gets dark


  • Loud Electric Horn to clear the way ahead of you

Over 3,400 5-Star reviews!

"First Time Rider, Reasonably Impressed"

"I am a first-time rider and when it comes to wheeled activities, I do not generally excel. That is why I'm amazed that I put 24 miles on it in 24 hours. I like the Mosquito a lot. I believe it to be a good value. The manual is brief and to the point laying out what you need to know to operate the scooter, including how to unfold it. There were no loose parts or rattles. Despite its weight, it is robustly built of quality material."


David M. (Florida, United States)

Gorgeous Precision Engineering

  • Ride in Style - All-black design with subtle Fluid branding.

  • Modern, Color Display to quickly see all the information you need while riding.

  • Dual Suspension for a ride quality you can’t find on any other ultra-portable scooter. Spring-based front suspension and a coil-based spring system under the deck.

  • Cruise control and zero start can be set up if desired.


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1-Year Warranty

How can we offer the fastest ultra-portable scooter on the market for such a low price, with a 1-year warranty, shipped the very next business day? What’s the catch? 

There isn’t one. We’re able to offer such a low price because we’ve spent years perfecting the design and manufacturing of the Mosquito. Plus nobody returns them, so we don’t have to factor in those costs either!

The Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Portable fluid Mosquito with 22 Miles of Range!

Online Exclusive Offer - $100 OFF

Discount Code "SAVE100" ADDED TO CART✓

$100 OFF! $1,099 Now $999!

+ Free Priority Shipping on All Orders!

Includes a ONE YEAR warranty

with US-based support & service